Start here to stop acid reflux

How to use food to stop acid reflux and get your life back!

Food is meant to be enjoyed not avoided.

Stopping Acid Reflux with the *GAPS Diet *Gut and Psychology /Physiology Syndrome created by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

You're focused on your goals and family, but you can't build a life you love without taking care of yourself.
The good news? You have the strength within you to make your dream a reality.


Dreaming about the day you get the stress levels down, sleep without worry, and be there for your family.

Eat normal again

When did I lose my life?

Start here to stop acid reflux

It is time to say YES to you. Slow down, learn what foods to eat and not to eat to stop acid reflux.

Give your body the tools it needs to get the job done! You have the power in your kitchen and what you put in your mouth to make it happen.

Why? Cause you are worth it!

Learn to love food and cooking again.

I'm ready - Which is best for me?

Gain faith and confidence that you will know what foods to choose to stop the burn in each session, in the exact moment you need it. Getting your questions answered and the resources that will help you master what you eat and calm the overwhelm.  

4 package Sessions your way

Receive my course blueprint and step-by-step lessons, tutorials, and guides to be able to make food simply and quickly. Have fun with others, accountability and motivation. Learning the method to get you cooking food you can eat in the first week. 

Live Online
Group Course

Together you will become the master in choosing and preparing foods that fix acid reflux so you can get your life back. My coaching program gives you a personal guide that will help you become energized and motivated to do the hard work that makes life worth it. 

One on One
Private Coaching

3 ways to do just that!

Are You Ready To Build a Life You’re Excited to Wake Up To?

Now it is your turn to make changes like these and get the results you dream of!

*Gut and Psychology Syndrome™ & Gut and Physiology Syndrome™

*Gut and Psychology Syndrome™

I want to stop acid reflux and
get my life back!

I want to stop acid reflux and get my life back!

 I changed my diet in 2011, but in 2015 I finally realized that changing my diet and eliminating food triggers was not enough. The *GAPS Diet allowed me to move beyond my fears, get confident, and impact my health in ways I never imagined. 

As a Certified *GAPS Coach, I empower people to stop acid reflux by teaching them where to start, how to be consistent, what foods to eat without pain while helping them gain definite direction to love eating.

Unlike many who focus only on symptom prevention, I take people by the hand and teach them how to become an expert in the kitchen, feeling capable, energized, and motivated.


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24 - 36 hour cultured yogurt is lactose & casein free allowing you to enjoy dairy that stops pain in your gut.

Here's how easy it is to prepare food simply & quickly.

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I love this meat stock recipe. I felt less bloated right away and it was very soothing for my belly. - Kay

Take this first step so you can stop the pain of acid reflux

Free Meat Stock Recipe

Making meat stock is the number one way to begin your transformation to eating pain-free.


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Certified *GAPS Coach, Certified Essential Oil Coach
Certificates:Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Coaching Mastery Course
Awards: November 2017 Leadership Award, Top 10 Author Contest 
Author: Food DOES Make a Difference
*Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome™ 

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Helping you love food and cooking again so that you can get your life back and stop acid reflux! I had acid reflux, hiatal hernia, and esophagus spasms over 6 years ago, but no more.

-Suzanne (Suzy)


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